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Watch as the silhouette challenge takes over social media



Download Mp3 Watch as the silhouette challenge takes over social media

While some try to catch their breath after the viral “Buss It Challenge”, we now have another one, the “Silhouette Challenge,” which is spreading like wildfire.

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While it’s not clear who started the challenge on TikTok, it was popularized by mrsmosquito.

Usereral__ shared a TikTok tutorial on her Twitter account showing how to do the “Silhouette Challenge”.


And before we know it, he’s already trending on social media.

How do you challenge the silhouette?

In a short video, a TikTok user  @nurseswilling talked about the “vin rouge” snap chat filter, which makes completing this challenge a lot easier.

After setting up the SC filter, position your phone with the camera facing the closest entrance.

When the camera is in position, turn off all lights in the room regardless of the light source you decide to use outside the hallway.


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This lighting trick creates a planned effect of matter in all its splendor.

While there are other change tips and tricks that TikTok customers have used to make this impact, over 600,000 other perspectives confirm that this method is the best.

Watch our ten best silhouette challenge videos



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